Original Series: Una cita con el Arte

A video channel dedicated to Art & Culture.

Come explore with us these topics in the context of travel, interviews with experts and prominent figures, visits to museums, exhibitions, fairs, special events, and more...

Languages: Spanish, English


Exclusive one on one interviews with artists, curators, scholars and collectors. Understand the world of art & culture through their eyes and relive their journeys.

Open Studios

What type of art is produced by institutions? Museums, Universities and NGOs open their doors to see what artists produce while incubated inside.

Street Art 

We invite you to enjoy all the possibilities of artistic expression in cities across the world. Learn about the performance and visual art experiences all around us.

Art Fairs 

Find out what makes each of the major art fairs in the world unique, as explored from within: works, projects, artists, collectors, exhibitors and more.

Gallery Tours

Insiders access to the world of museums and galleries via shows, openings, tours and visits with renowned art insiders & curators.


Enjoy a front row seat to our featured episodes, including adventures outside the traditional art world in fashion, travel, and cultural events.